Delta Servo ECMA-C10602RS ECMA-C10602SS+ASD-A2-0221 200W

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· power range: 0.1kw ~3kw· input voltage: 200 VAC~230 VAC, single phase/three phase input, or three phase input

· to meet the precise control needs of the general use industry

· built-in position, speed and torque modes (speed and torque modes can be set internally or controlled by voltage)

· support pulse input (up to 4Mpps) and analog voltage

· three sets of resonance suppression filters are provided, which can be automatically adjusted and optimized for the operation of the mechanism

· advanced application functions such as built-in friction and anti-collision parameters

· separate configuration of control circuit and main power circuit for simple maintenance on the mechanism· internal feedback resistance of servo driver (over 400w), saving wiring and cost1. this servo Drive ASD-B2-0121-B is original Delta brand which has 100w output

·nowadays, servo motor is perfectly suitable for many large scale automatic controlled machine such as CNC machine, robot arm, cutting machine and military field.

·servo motor is whole closed which is directly controlled by the drive in the industrial field. Human resouces are reduced a lot because of working automatically and percisionally.

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