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USB-SC09-FX is a programming cable that provides serial connection and RS422 signal conversion through the USB interface. Under the control of the driver running in the computer, the computer’s USB interface is simulated into a traditional serial port (commonly known as COM port), thereby using the existing Application software such as various programming software, communication software and monitoring software. The working power of this cable is taken from the USB port and is no longer powered by the programming port of the PLC. The two-color light-emitting diode on the conversion box indicates the status of data transmission and reception.

The USB-SC09-FX programming cable is suitable for Mitsubishi FX2N/FX1N/FX0/FX0N/FX0S/FX1S/FX3U and other FX series PLCs whose programming port is MD8F circular socket, and can replace the FX-232AW communication module and support the maximum communication distance 2 Kilometers.

For Mitsubishi A series plc and all fx series plc, please choose the programming cable usb-sc09 that supports A series and fx series

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