Delta VFD007L21A VFD-L Series Drive

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Sub-fractional low cost AC Drive. Specifically designed for low horsepower applications with built-in EMI filter to efficiently reduce electromagnetic interference and to conform to the CE EMI directive.

Delta VFD007L21A – Compact and Panel-Installation Drives

Delta Products

AC Drives, VFD-L Series


MFG # VFD007L21A

Series VFD-L

Drive, AC, 1HP, 240V, 1PH/3PH, 4.2A, CT


Item Number: VFD007L21A

Manufacturer: Delta Products

Item Category: Drives

Subcategory: AC

Series: VFD-L

Nominal Input VAC: 240 Volts AC

HP (CT): 1 Horsepower

Amps (CT): 4.2 Amps

Input Phase: 1 or 3

Operator Controls: Built In

Max. Frequency: 400 Hertz

Braking Type: DC Injection

Motor Control-Max Level: V/Hz (Scalar)

Closed Loop: No

AC Line Regenerative?: No

Dynamic Braking Trans?: Not Available

Frame Size: B1

Mounting: Panel

Height: 5.2 Inches

Width: 2.68 Inches

Depth: 5.04 Inches

H x W x D (in.): 5.2 x 2.68 x 5.04

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